Working Remote Made Better with

With, you can keep track of your remote teams and improve collaboration. Communicate and update your team members in real-time, regardless of their physical location. Wherever you are, the platform lets you manage your teams without any hassle! makes remote collaboration easy with several features:

Easy Collaboration

Using eliminates the need to collaborate over emails or long text threads. It lets you keep everyone in the loop directly from your workflows. This always keeps the team updated and improves collaboration and productivity. It also saves up much time wasted while switching to different channels for updates and feedback.


You can get your remote teams onboard with the professional templates available on the platform. There are ten fully customisable options allowing you to tweak around with the overall flow. This gives you full control over your workspace.

Work Timeline

Prioritise your work and set deadlines for your team to follow. You can assign tasks and keep your teams aligned.

Real time Updates

You can get real-time updates about your project. Check the progress, share files and stay on top of the work being done through the platform. Everything is updated in real-time, so you get notified as soon as a change is observed.


The platform increases the ease of communication by allowing for chats and video conferencing in one workplace. You do not have to navigate to different applications to schedule meetings. Manage everything in one workspace.

Manage Risks

Make data-driven decisions to protect the work from any risks. Numerous data visualisation tools can give you great insight into the data and help you plan accordingly – so you are prepared for any contingency. significantly improves remote team collaboration, especially in the current pandemic situation. You can also get insights from experts about remote collaboration, to make the experience great for everyone! has got all the bases covered for everything you might need for working remotely. Contact us to help you make the most of the available features.


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