Use Cases


Sales & CRM

Streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone on the team reach their targets faster.

Organise contacts

Maintain a robust database of your current and future clients in one organised place to stay up to date.

The contact cards can give you details about your customers, including their tasks and activities, all in one place.

One Workspace for your project

Project Management

Make your project management easy with It provides you with everything that you might need for effectively managing and operating your team.


Set specific goals, outline the processes and resources you require, and select stakeholders. 

Marketing teams love

Marketing lest you keep track of your marketing strategies to guarantee effective campaigns and advertisements.


View everything without any hassle. 

Design a timeline and send reminders to make sure your team is fully aware of each deliverable. 

we make remote teamwork a snap

Remote Working connects your team wherever you are so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track work in one easy-to-use platform.

Keep everyone aligned

Define deadlines and set a timeline for your project, so your team stays motivated and does not lag in any aspect.

How your team can benefit


Use as a construction management software that can improve team collaboration and is suitable for any project.

Field to office communication

Collaborate with everyone on your team in real-time. 

Offer updates, remarks on task progress, and access records regardless of your physical location.

One central workspace for your it team

Information Technology’s IT software streamlines, simplify and improves the services your team delivers.

IT request

Customise forms providing the teams with a seamless way of submitting and tracking IT requests.

We find unique ways to solve problems


Manage your team’s complete creative workflow, collaborate more productively, and deliver the most relevant assets possible.

Creative requests

You can centralise your creative flows with to allow for easy management of requests. 

Keep track of everything from the brainstorming phase to the completion of your project. 

we've got everything covered for your employees

Human Resources is the employee management system that tracks your talent pipeline and engages employees.

Recruitment pipeline provides an easy way of tracking candidates and streamlining processes to allow for a comfortable recruitment experience. 

Keep a record of every stage.

We find unique ways to solve problems

Software Development

Product development software to sprint through any development process, is as flexible as your team needs to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Sprint planning

Using scrum framework, plan your sprints effectively and adapt to the changes instantly.

Assign roles, determine essential aspects of the development process, share files and get real-time updates.


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