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Keep track of your project development sprints with The platform provides you with a dynamic environment for all your development tasks by keeping track of your interactions, bugs and backlogs. lets you get real-time feedback on your tasks, pre-plan the deliverables and make sure everything is updated at all times. It also helps in tracking your progress and speeding up the development phase without compromising the quality. Offering flexible scrum software, your development teams can get things done in shorter feedback cycles.

Sprint Planning

With the scrum framework, you can plan your sprints over shorter periods. The faster feedback cycles help complete the task in lesser time, without any impact on the quality of the delivered work.

Tracking Bugs

Software bugs can be a significant problem in software development. lets you track bugs and respond to the issues efficiently. There is also a bug iteration board that keeps track of your fixes.


The platform also keeps a backlog for the work you do. This helps in reverting to an older version in case of a problem. You can also prioritise these backlogs for maximum efficiency.


With roadmaps, you can prioritise the tasks and align teams together. This allows for better collaboration and synchronisation.


Keep track of your deadline and launch dates form your dashboard. Make sure your products are launched on the designated date, every time.

Capacity predictions

The views in allow you to make accurate predictions about the capacity of your team. View your team’s work and progress rate to set realistic deadlines for every task.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of good software design. Automate your notification process about solving bugs and other issues, so your clients are satisfied.


You can also integrate different development tools with your workspace. You can bring together the data from these different tools to allow for better cross-platform collaboration. has got all the bases covered for everything you might need to manage your software development cycle. Contact us to help you make the most of the available features.


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