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In today’s pandemic world, where everything has shifted online, and remote teams are becoming popular, project management might get a little tricky. provides you with the ideal platform for planning, tracking, and managing your project from its initial to final stages. comes packed with a range of features that make project management simple and easy. You can effectively collaborate with your team members, prioritise and assign different tasks, share resources and track everyone’s progress at any time.


To kickstart your project, comes with inbuilt, professional templates that are fully customisable. Below are a few examples of the available templates.

Automate Routine Work

You can also automate the regular tasks, taking away the hassle of doing everything manually. Set up reminders, notifications and use the free automations to make sure everything is always up to date!

Visualise Projects

The platform supports several visualisation tools to help you track your progress and keep an eye on the processes. You can make Gantt charts or a visual timeline along with several other options offered by the software.

Data driven insights

Get insights into the workloads and progress of your team from the dashboard. You can also make charts for better understanding of the data. Through these insights, you can strategically devise policies that maximise productivity.


There are a range of applications and software’s that you can integrate with your board. These include Gmail, Zoom and Slack, along with several other commonly used platforms. The integrations can make communication with your team easy. It also saves much time spent while navigating between applications to give feedback and get reviews from your teammates. is a great platform that can effectively manage your project while keeping everyone updated with the latest changes. It can send notifications and help track the progress, allowing for better planning and results. has got all the bases covered for everything you might need to manage your projects. Contact us to help you make the most of the available features.


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