Microsoft Teams Integration with just included a Microsoft Teams integration that can boost your productivity almost instantly! With a range of features it brings with, the integration can help in real-time updates and cross-platform team collaboration.

With Microsoft Teams Integration, you can instantly send reports and updates to your Microsoft Teams channel, so that everyone is always up to date with the progress of your project. The integration comes with several notification options that you can choose from – depending on your requirements.

These include:

Creation of an Item will send a notification alert to your selected channel when a new item is created in your board. This helps in intra-team collaboration and keeps everyone in the loop with the newly added tasks.

Change of status

With this notification option, your team will be notified when the status of a task is changed. This allows for better management and keeping track of the work that is completed or is pending. With these notifications, you can also determine when to schedule meetings and overview sessions for your project.


There are two update options: sending a notification when there is an update in a particular item or a general update. This can also improve the overall collaboration in a team and make sure everyone is updated with the latest information and changes.

Change in a column

Similarly to the above options, change in a column notification option sends a notification when there is a change in a particular column on your board.


You can also set reminders by specifying a date. Your channel will be notified on that particular date.

How to Set up?

The MS integration is pretty easy to set up. In just a few steps, everything will be ready. 

To overview the steps:

  1. Go to your selected board 
  2. Click on the integration button on the top right and select MS Teams
  3. Select the type of integration you want to create from the six given options
  4. Connect to your MS teams account
  5. You’re done!

The Microsoft Teams integration can make the collaboration process easier, taking away the energy from manually sending messages about updates and any changes. has got all the bases covered for everything you might need for tailored workflows. Contact us to help you make the most of the available features.


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