Marketing with is an all-in-one platform that can come in extremely handy for all your management work. It presents you with an intuitive way to manage your creative and marketing teams from wherever you are. comes with several great features that can help in managing teams seamlessly. It is packed with unique attributes that are easy to use and also extremely effective. It allows you to collaborate with your team and give feedback in real-time. You can also share media and communicate with anyone at any time. Further, it also helps you organise your workspace and prioritise tasks for better management. You can also get a high-level picture of the workflow to evaluate your team’s progress. 

The platform also equips you with a range of marketing operations that you can use. These include email marketing, campaign tracking and much more.

Several features make it perfect for your marketing team


Several visualisation tools can help you evaluate your data quickly. Choose from a range of graphs and charts to help you understand the overall distribution of the data.


The platform has an intuitive dashboard to help you track your team’s progress and stay updated with the changes. You can get insights to make decisions in real-time.

Automations also features several automation options that remove manual work. You can automate the redundant and repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on the more essential aspects of your project.


With, you can create customised forms for your team. They can help in streamlining the requests and making your project progress better.

Updates makes collaboration extremely simple. You can give feedback and reviews on one platform without navigating to different screens. Communicate with your team and stay always updated!


You can also share files and other media content with your team. Just upload the data on your workspace, and all your team members will instantly reflect it.

Contact us to learn more about the features and how to best use the platform within your work environment.


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