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Say hello to monday Apps

monday Apps are custom building blocks that are built by developers to extend the Work OS.

They include dashboard widgets, board views, automations, and integrations – providing teams with infinite flexibility to support their workflows.

Keys to the kingdom

The three key benefits

Learn some of the concrete benefits of building a app for your business.

Improving communication

Create a single digital workspace

Build apps to create a centralised home for all work. This includes custom workflows where teams plan, run and track processes, projects, and everyday work from any location.

Reduce Subscription

Reduce the cost of your monthly subscriptions

Save a fortune for your business by helping us build you apps that can replace your existing softwares. Get rid of monthly subscription cost and even better, own the app.

Unlimited customisation

Display your data, your way

We can help you build your dream view or a dashboard in to manage everything in one place, the way you want it. Sky is the limit.

How it works

From business need to monday App in two simple steps

We will help you create any feature or a solution to make your workflow complete

Step 1. Choose between the two types of apps

View & Widget Apps

These apps allow you to display data in a visual way, and would usually be developed in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Integration Apps

These apps sync data from any software, platform, or service directly into your account. 

Step 2. Use our Professional Services to build an app

Smart Venturing will deliver your final app within 2-4 days (for simple apps), for your immediate use.

We'll work with you to tailor the best solution to your needs.

Award Winning

Introducing the award winning Flow App

While is growing a large customer base every day, new and even long-term users lack knowledge on how to efficiently and quickly set up or translate their workflows and core business functions into the platform, thus increasing the number of static boards and accounts. The ‘Flow’ Series of Applications was born to close the gap by strengthening the offering to easily create and manage automated workflows and solutions for any team with just a few clicks. The Flow for Sales Teams application is the first of this series.

Pain Points for Sales Teams

Lack of knowledge of best practices with the platform.

Lack of advanced knowledge to translate the existing or to changing CRM workflows most efficiently into the platform.

Find it difficult to onboard a new team member to the same page from day one.

A lot of time spent scrolling through the page when entering data into the platform when used as a CRM.

The Solution

Generate an end-to-end CRM Solution framework – (In total; 7 Integrated and Automated Boards + 1 Connected Dashboard, 1 Configure View & 1 Sales Rep View) at a click.

Provides an aerial view of the workflow in Deal Stages, keeping everyone on the same page.

Give more visibility to team leaders to take control and manage the workflows without any extensive training.

A dedicated view for Sales Reps to enter data and visualise the deals in the deals pipeline quicker, saving time.

The app guides the team to build every step of the opportunity pipeline.

How Flow App for Sales Team Works

We’ll work with you to tailor the best solution to your needs.

Complete App Booklet

Learn more about monday Apps in our complete booklet

This booklet covers more about the Apps Framework and 8 other different use cases


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